• Wedding photography;
  • Christening photography;
  • Child photography;
  • Personal photo sessions;
  • Family photography;

More information regarding wedding photography and other various photoshoots services and prices you may get on the phone, by e-mail or you can also use our contact form, which you can find at the top of our website.

ATTENTION!!! There are huge discounts for:

  • for weddings that take place outside of Lithuania;

Contact us and we will answer all your questions as soon as possible!

Best Wishes,


Liutauras Bilevičius - Laba diena,
Atsakeme Jums el.laisku :)

Augustina - Laba diena, esame susidomėję Jūsų darbais. Noriu paklausti, gal būtų galima gauti kainininka vestuviu 2017m liepos mėnesiui :)

Liutauras Bilevičius - Sveiki,
Apie kuria data kalbame? :)

Eliza - SVEIKI! Kokios fotografavimo kainos 2017metams?:)

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