Ugne christening

From the very beginning we thought that it will be a challenge for all of us, but now we can say that photo session was a pleasure. Daughter was very happy and comfortable with cameras and friendly uncles :) In fact, these two photographers have extraordinary professionalism, they know how to treat children and create a cozy and warm environment. The result – photos full of warmth, love, sincerity and beauty.

We are very satisfied with the work of photographers and we can safely recommend to everyone who wants to capture special moments of their life.

┼Żavinta and Tomas

Ugnes krikstynos 002Ugnes krikstynos 003Ugnes krikstynos 004Ugnes krikstynos 005Ugnes krikstynos 006Ugnes krikstynos 007Ugnes krikstynos 008Ugnes krikstynos 009Ugnes krikstynos 010Ugnes krikstynos 011Ugnes krikstynos 012Ugnes krikstynos 013Ugnes krikstynos 014Ugnes krikstynos 015Ugnes krikstynos 016Ugnes krikstynos 017Ugnes krikstynos 019Ugnes krikstynos 021Ugnes krikstynos 022Ugnes krikstynos 023Ugnes krikstynos 024Ugnes krikstynos 025Ugnes krikstynos 026Ugnes krikstynos 027Ugnes krikstynos 028Ugnes krikstynos 029Ugnes krikstynos 030Ugnes krikstynos 031Ugnes krikstynos 032Ugnes krikstynos 033Ugnes krikstynos 034Ugnes krikstynos 035Ugnes krikstynos 036Ugnes krikstynos 037Ugnes krikstynos 038Ugnes krikstynos 039Ugnes krikstynos 040Ugnes krikstynos 041Ugnes krikstynos 042

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